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Metro Proponent is your marketing partner. Focus is on the interests of small businesses and entrepreneurial spirits. We are a community oriented entity for those who can understand CrEaTiVe freedom of speech. Metro Proponent News is a monthly free newspaper for people who know the news but want to know more. It is an alternative newspaper providing quality news focusing on local, national and international interests. Major emphasis includes Politics, the Economy, Social issues, Culture, Education, Health, and Entertainment.

The Metro Proponent audience is diverse and local-centric. We focus on the interests of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and minorities of ALL races. Our vision is to be THE BEST source for CrEaTiVe fun hard-hitting quality journalism and complete info for urban living in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of “All Things Charlotte-Metro”.

We are here to help your business grow. Advertising and promoting in the Metro Proponent allows you to reach thousands of consumers while easing your heavy marketing workload.

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